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Purple Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

Purple Jalapeno pepper seeds - grow your own rare hot peppers!
- Pictures coming soon! -

That's right - Purple Jalapenos! These plants have beautiful multicolored leaves that go from green to dark purple, with green striations all along the leaf veins. The flowers are also quite striking, bright redish-purple with thick, almost fleshy petals. (If overwintered successfully, they can also reward you with beautiful, two-tone white/red-purple winter flowers!)

And if that wasn't interesting enough, the peppers themselves are a bit larger than a regular jalapeno, but dark purple! (Like their more common cousins, these will also eventually turn red if left on the vine long enough, but are best eaten purple).

These plants are easy to grow, are very robust growers, and can reach heights up to 5 feet with proper gowing conditions! Like their garden-variety jalapeno cousins, they are also sun-lovers, and will typically look their absolute best with a good amount of direct sunlight.

You won't find any of these rare exotics at your local supermarket! Surprise your friends and relatives when you serve them amazing purple nachos! Add some nice color to your salsas! Or just amaze your plain-old-pepper-growing neighbors when they see the purple majesty of these striking plants! Why not try some of these rare purple beauties today?

Purple Jalapeno Seeds 
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