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Habanero Pepper Seeds

Habanero pepper seeds - grow your own habanero extremely hot peppers!

These Orange Habaneros are hand-grown in Texas for maximum heat. They have a fantastic citrusy taste and unbelievable heat! Habaneros are in the Capsicum chinense species, and are considered the world's hottest pepper. These are excellent in fresh salsas, for flavoring, smoked, or even make your own caribbean jerk sauces and marinades for barbecuing.

Why hunt-down stale or dried imported peppers in season, and then pay outrageous prices, when you can pick fresh tasty habaneros you grew yourself? Be the envy of your neighbors! If grown in containers, you can even enjoy the pleasure of fresh habaneros year-round!

Bring-home a taste of the tropic heat today! Includes detailed growing instructions.

Orange Habanero Seeds 
Only $2.95! 
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