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Bolivian Rainbow Deluxe Pepper Seeds

Bolivian Rainbow Deluxe pepper seeds - grow your own exotic hot peppers!
- Pictures coming soon! -

These South American beauties are one of the most spectacular pepper plants on the planet! Bolivian Rainbow Deluxe have pretty multi-colored foliage, with leaves that start off green and gradually turn to a nice redish-purple. The flowers are also quite pretty, light purple and semi-translucent. However, the most attractive feature on these amazing plants are the peppers!

These peppers start out dark purple, and then change through an absolute rainbow of colors, turning from dark to light purple, to tan, to white, to manila, to yellow, to gold, to orange, to orange-red, and finally turning red, and every color in between!

But what is most amazing is that each of the individual peppers changes colors according to it's own schedule, which typically results in a variety of different color peppers on the plant at the same time! These brightly colored, teardrop-shaped upright peppers look remarkedly like Christmas Tree lights!

Bolivian Rainbow Deluxe is a South American member of the Capsicum annum species, and does quite well in containers. It also overwinters easily indoors, and can even produce flowers and peppers for you year-round!

No words or pictures can do these full justice - they have to be seen in person to be believed! Want something unique or different? Rather than just "garden-variety" peppers, why not grow something that will amaze your friends & relatives, or make your neighbors green with envy! Try some of these beautiful South American exotics today!

Bolivian Rainbow Deluxe Seeds 
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